Is this jealousy or justified?

Long story sorry bout this.
I dated this guy, he was friends with this other girl from before me that he knew online (lets call her Hannah) we all got on pretty well and gamed together however when alone with me, hannah acted frosty and kinda ignored me a lot. I put up with it. He knew aboout it but because she always acted nice when he was there with us and had always been nice to him without problems. He had questioned her about it and she had replied that she liked me etc etc etc. I however always liked her despite the coldness because she was his close friend till i arrived so i can uderstand how she would be upset. She ended up drifting away because she left the game we all played on temporarily. I then was sent a screenshot by a friend who was sent it by hannah's 'friend' (they had recently argued or something). This screenshot showed hannah saying she hated my guts and hopes i died in a hole. It was through Skype so not as easy to fake as other messaging systems. He backed her up said it couldnt be her etc etc.
Couple of months later me and the guy broke up after 6-7 months of being together (i ended it for personal reasons). We wanted to stay friends but ultimately decided on a break until we could figure it out. Recently started talking again in group chats with mutual friends (probably not a good idea but we both want to). A mutual friend occasionally sends me screenshots or convsersations they (hannah and my ex) have together. he's changed. But she also says he misses me and wants to get back together but as i ended the relationship he doesn't want to initiate anything. I personally wouldn't mind that except, since i left, he has been talking to hannah much more, to the point he's changed. This is a problem in my eyes as she had said those things about me and that she has generally acted frosty toward me. I dont want to get back with him if he's still friends with this person. In actual fact i dont even want her around. Justified?

I don't want to be that person who makes someone pick though. Because they were friends from before i came along and i don't want him to have to end a friendship because of me.


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  • So Whats the inspiration behind this story?

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