Is it possible he still cares after all this time?

I met a really good looking, sweet skater guy (from my city) on FB 4 years ago and he told me likes me quite a few times and he also texted me after we first met up (after 3 months of long FB messages) saying that he really likes me (we also kissed).
We were supposed to go on an event the next day (Saturday) together and I canceled, because I still wasn't over my ex, saying I got sick. He felt bad for me and offered we could stay in together and play videogames, but I said no. I just felt like he really wanted a relationship and I wasn't ready. He also told me to text him if he crosses my mind. Then stupidly enough I posted a selfie on Sunday, because I forgot I told him I was feeling poorly.

We never spoke again, but I did meet him at a party after a year and he seemed really happy to see me but his friend kept trying to kinda get him away and he was just brushing him off, it was weird. A month later I wanted to go see a rather unknown DJ andI put "attending" on the Facebook event and posted about it, but didn't go cause my friend bailed on me. When I was looking through the photos of the event after I saw him and his friend, but didn't think much of it.

I know I was stupid, but I was 21 and he was 25 and probably more mature than me, but if I contact him (he doesn't have a girlfriend atm), do you think he'll give me a chance or is it just too late?


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  • you're like a million years too late sorry

    • :( .. late as in I probably wouldn't even get a follow back on Instagram? :D

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  • Probably depends on how many chances he's given you in the past. If he's a numbers guy that is.

    • I didn't even ask for a chance after I screwed up that one time. Sometimes I really hate myself :(

    • Dont be so hard on yourself. Im more than sure you guys are still just fine.