Would you completely ghost (avoid) a girl if she bought you a small gift and you do not like her?

In general, what would a guy do if a girl he is friends with buys him a gift, but he doesn't like her in that way. Would you thank her but explain the not like that lecture? Thank her only? Would you still keep being friends? What is the proper guy etiquette here? Would you completely avoid her? Maybe not thank her? Ghost her? Guys, what is the proper etiquette? What would most guys do? Have any of you guys or girls been in this situation?

  • Would you say thank you?
  • Would you ghost her (avoid her) at all cost?
  • Would you still stay friends?
  • Other?
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  • I would accept the gift, thank her and stay friends. Unless he made her feelings clear, in which case I would actually consider her as something more than a friend and see if things work.


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  • I'd be very happy to have gift. Gift is the love and concern of hearts. No gifts ever have price because all gifts are from hearts and hearts are priceless. I'll accept it and say thank you and hug.

    • I so agree with you 100% if anything comes from the heart. That's all that matters and the person should be happy.

  • Why the hell wouldn't I thank her? Why the hell would I avoid her? What the hell kinda heartless assholes do you think we are? Are you serious with this question? What the fuck!!

    • Very serious because it did happen. Unfortunately, there are heartless people out there.

  • 2. Stealth mode.

  • Say thank you and just try to stay friends. If she actually asked to be more than friends or tried to kiss me or something then I'd say I want to be just friends


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