Have I blown my chance?

So I started seeing this guy and at first I didn't expect to like him much but with his persistance and getting to know him I did.. I dont know how to explain it but i felt so safe with him and i never feel like that with a guy.. He got out of a live in relationship where he had been with her for a few years he said he was open to seeing where things went, being a tradie he works early and plays sport so is busy most nights and weekends. So it was hard in the begining because I felt like he didn't like me because he would ask me last minute when I had stuff on to see me. But he would message me all day everyday and we had a few fights because i guess i was testing him without meaning to its just I've been hurt in the past.. So then he planned to get dinner a few days in advance but the day of i freaked out and didn't message him then i tried to cancel because i wasn't feeling well but I really wanted to see him so I went but I was super awkward and he's been really distant since.. I tried to tee up a chat but he was busy and said he can't i took it as he didn't care so said dont worry i have my answer then he was really nice and said he wanted to talk but because i flipped he didn't want to. It was a bit over a week and there were a few texts here and there.. I told him I missed him and he took 5 days to reply when he was drunk.. saying there was no need to miss him.. So i asked him about it a few days later and he said I should forget he exists and that he isn't a person anyone needs to be around at the moment.. Am I wasting my time?


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  • Probably.

    Sounds like you both have stuff going on your lives at the moment, stuff that is preventing you both from coming together. If you're really serious about him, talk to him plainly and see where his head's at. Otherwise, move on.

    • How do I get him to speak to me though should I give him more space?

    • If he isn't willing to talk, then move on. All the space in the world won't help if he isn't willing to hangout face-to-face for 45 minutes and talk.

      I'd move on and find someone worth your time.

    • Thank you! :)

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  • I say forget about him. He seems like he hasn't a clue what he wants and it's unfair of him to keep you hanging around like that. I wouldn't speak to him any more and move on.

    • Thank you for your feedback! :)

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