Crush on my friends sister?

I have a crush on a girl in university. I always see her staring at me when I am not looking. I knew recently that she is the my friends sister. I thought about sending her an anonymous text message but then I refrained. Is it a good idea? What will she think if I did it?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just be direct. If you send an anonymous text she'll just find it creepy. Being vague only leads to misunderstandings and confusion.

    • but she is my friends sister it is really awkward

    • No it isn't. You're making excuses. Sending someone an anonymous text is fucking awkward.

    • Also you even said that your "friend" is just more of a colleague and not someone you hang out with. So it's not even a big deal, or a good excuse.
      If it's so horrible and awkward then don't do anything and stop whining.

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  • No. Do not be a fucking pussy. Approach her directly.

    • i am not a pussy if she was not my friends sister i would have talked to her dunno what to do

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  • You have a crush on her and you're sure she looks your way often.

    She's your friend's sister. Are you really good friends with that friend? If you are, then don't go the anonymous route - be upfront and let her know how you feel.

    • nope we are just colleagues. we talk often but we never hang out together

    • Well even so - if you're planning to make that first move, let her know it's you. Showing the person you're interested in that you can be upfront and honest about what you want and feel is appreciated regardless of who you are. They're two good traits in a person.