What does it mean when a guy dresses up her girl after sex?

what does it mean if my guy dresses me up after sex? is it just normal for guys or they do it only when they want to show extra effort/care? i'm considering marrying him, and i want to be clear if he is totally into me or not.


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  • I've never done anything like that lmao I enjoyed staying naked together for a long time after sex, maybe continue things.

    • he dresses me up only when i'm leaving. otherwise we prefer wearing only undergarments so that we can continue when we are in the mood :)

    • still don't understand why he's doing that. maybe it's a reflection of him caring about you? I don't know.

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  • First of all, before you even come close "considering marrying him" you need to be 100% sure he is totally into you and you both love each other. But as for dressing you, You mean he put clothes on you while you were lying there? Why? My guy and i stay naked for a good while.

    • no, he dresses me up when i'm about to leave

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    • sometimes I do, mostly I don't. He just wants me to sit and puts my clothes on

    • My boyfriend undresses me which I like but Do you like to be dressed?