What did his text mean? Did he mean he wanted to see me longer or am I reading into it too much?

this guy and I started as a one night stand. We are 21; we met over Christmas break when I was in town (otherwise we live an hour apart). We have met 4 times total since then, having sex each time. In the beginning he acted like he wanted more (asking about my family, saying things like will I meet them or something along those lines, and it was me who was closed off and didn't want more). But also it could have just been him being friendly.

after the 3rd hookup, I wanted more. I texted him one night (a month ago) that I caught feelings, and he told me he only did one night stands; I was the only girl he has seen multiple times but he is not looking for anything serious right now because he's so busy with school and track season. So I backed off, said okay. We didn't see each other for a month but kept in semi contact. We had plans to meet up again and do some super freaky things but we both got sick and busy, and never found a time.
Then this past Tuesday, I was in town and messaged him. He responded right away and wanted to meet up that night. I had messaged him super late, and he texted me he could have used me that night, and I said I could too, and he responded but "Id feel bad if u came over though cus we would just hang for like 20-30 and then you'd leave" and I asked why, and he said well for like sex, plus it's super late.. I agreed & said another night we could hang out longer and he sent yeah that works! And we hooked up.

Did he mean like "all I want from you is sex and Im telling you now that that is all, don't think this is more" or did he mean just that night since it was late? And he wanted to hang out longer?


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  • I dont know what is going on here but that dude clearly wants you ONLY for sex. Read my words. There is a thing I learnt about men and that is when they tell you some things as serious as that, you ought to believe it. Men may fool you with their actions but not their words. I won't here something like that and not believe it. You seem like a nice girl and I am sure that you can find someone who can love and appreciate the person that you are.

  • I think you should just ask him!

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