The guy I had sex with is asking me to go to church with him?

This guy and I went on a date. We ate, had drinks, and ended up having sex. I really like this guy and felt kind of attached afterwards. After 2 days, I went to a rave party and was texting him to take me home lol

But he was like, 'Don't you have a party to go to tonight? Look, let's just see each other tomorrow. Go to church with me.'

We're both catholic but he's a regular church goer and I'm not. Does this mean that he likes me or is he just trying to convert my church habits?


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  • Sounds like he wants to spend some time with you outside the bedroom or a club atmosphere, to be honest. If you're comfortable with going, go.


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  • Jesus. Pre-Marital sex and rave parties?

    Is this like, some kind of new age Catholic thing or something?

  • This is where the love story starts

    • Lool the comments are killing me

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