What adult dating website is the best?

I need help on the best adult dating websites on the internet.


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  • No offense, dude, but find some girl, or even a gay guy that can just be a friend, and get a make-over, some clothes, and just go out and meet women!! You DON'T NEED a DATING site, at your age!!
    You need to learn confidence, and have some kind of personality!! It's OK to be a geeky guy, but that's the hardest kind to sell. Maybe just go 'middle road' and be nice, and approachable, and just talk to women!!
    Start with getting comfortable talking with the checker, at the store, maybe an older lady, that you aren't interested in! See if you can make her laugh, just talk to her, like any person, and feel comfortable. Later, go to a checker that is a little more like you might like, and try the same! Make her laugh, and feel comfortable!! Practice, Practice, and then try it on the 'hot girls' that you like!! Women LOVE confident me!!


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  • Adult dating website? Is there one for kids by any chance?


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