Guys, a guy says he doesn't want anything serious?

So I've been pretty into my guy friend for a while. I finally told him I saw him as more than just a friend and his reply was that he's not looking for anything super serious, but open to flings and stuff like that. I'm looking for advice from guys as to what that means. Is he blowing me off? Does he just wanna sleep together?


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  • He's actually being far more honest than most guys would in his situation. You like him as "more than a friend." He likes you as a friend but is open to a casual sexual relationship. He's telling you this plainly that he isn't wanting anymore than that, for whatever reason.

    A lot of guys would lead you on and use you for sex. He's being a man and saying that he'd rather be your friend but if you want some casual fun-time, no strings attached, he's willing.

    • Thanks for you quick and informative response! In your experience/opinion, is it something about me that makes him not want anything more? Or he truly doesn't want a real relationship with anyone? (I get super shy around him and was so nervous to even tell him how I felt so I don't want to give him the third degree to figure out exactly what he meant.) I appreciate any feedback you can give.

    • From what you've told me, there's really no way to tell unless you can elaborate further.

      He could be a spot where he's more focused on something else than pursuing a possible relationship. He could be the type that just likes being single. Again, there's no way to tell.

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  • It means he's willing to be friends with benefits but nothing more

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