What Is Bulimia?

I Want To Make My School Project About Anorexia And Bulimia. The Story Would Go About This Teen Guy And Girl (Bf And Gf), They Started Becuz They Think They are Fat... They Can't Starve Themselves Becz They Both Love Food Too Much. They Don't Eat A Lot Of Food Coz They Are Poor. They Have Regular Sized Meals And Then Go Purge Together. Is That Bulimia?


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  • No it is nor Bulimia and the fact that you think they would go purge together is ridiculous... They would be hiding it from others and be absolutely mortified if people found out. Bulimia is when you binge eat an then puke it up. Anorexia is when you eat next to nothing and exercise excessively.

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    • No that is attention seeking... they are trying to romanticize eating disorders. I'm sorry but I have literally no respect for people who think this is what actual bulimia looks like. It could have started as actual bulimia but what I think probably happened is they did it thinking that is cool and then they got in the habit of it like smoking

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