Am I being paranoid?

I went on a date with a guy last night and we got on well , he told me he likes me a lot and has a good feeling about us , he then told me he was leaving because he felt tempted to sleep with me but didn't want to ruin things between us , we kissed and he said when will I be free to see him again abd he can't wait to see me again. I haven't heard from him today :/ I know he's seeing his kids today and I texted good morning but nothing... I'm very self conscious as I'm new to dating , do you think he's not interested? Or just busy? I'm over thinking things but would a man say what he said and not mean it?


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  • maybe he got busy, I would wait until a few hours to text him

    • Yes he could be but it only takes a few seconds to at least say hi or check his messages :(

    • True, I mean I admit Im lazy like that sometimes but I do answer texts

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  • It seems like he may just be busy and if you don't have kids it might be hard to gauge, but try calling later in the day and if he doesn't answer or at least text you after that then he might not be that interested. I feel like a man your age wouldn't just being saying stuff like that for the heck of it, but just wait a day or so and if he still doesn't r spend then move on.

    • He's 36 and I felt so happy I had met someone so nice , yes he is busy maybe but I think it's me and my confidence levels are low :( I texted this morning saying morning but just haven't heard back , but if he did say all them things and didn't mean it why would he say them? I hate this dating game it's putting me off

    • Did he drink that night? If not he may have just gotten carried away since he did say he was tempted to sleep with you. But since you said you are new to dating don't put all your eggs in one basket and still allow yourself to be open to meeting other people.

    • No we didn't drink we sat in my house chatting and getting on well , I'm left feeling silly now

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