Should I still tell guy about my feelings?

I was getting the guts up to talk to my guy friend (of 9 years) about my feelings for him, which have gotten pretty intense since we ended up in the same city recently after 7 years apart. We're super close and have kissed/almost had sex a few times over the years when meeting up when one of us was in the other's city. But we were living far apart so never talked about it. We're both driven, living in a big city (both 27) with lots going for us in our jobs. We love to travel, run marathons, and we always spend time just the two of us doing "coupley" things like dinners+movies, yoga, spa days, going to the gym, sightseeing, etc.

So I was super heartbroken to see that he met this girl while traveling to Asia on business in February (an American just out of college living there). He never mentioned her but I saw they became fb friends and I checked out her profile and saw some pics she posted, although he has yet to put anything about her on social media or change his relationship status. I figured it was a fling because that's a lot of distance, but then a few weeks after that trip he invited her on a family cruise to the Caribbean! Now a few weeks after that they're on a trip to Europe (keep in mind she's traveling on her parent's dime flying back and forth to Asia each time, and she's only 23).

I still want to talk to him about how I feel. He hasn't told me about her yet so I don't know what he's thinking - this is just so bizarre, and he said he won't be traveling after this trip for a long time because he's kind of burnt out. It hurts because I'm not sure what he sees in her, especially since I know he really appreciates driven and independent people. She is also not a model or anything like that. We've been friends for 9 years - so can I still tell him how I feel? And why would a guy pursue a relationship like the one he has with this girl, that develops so so fast?


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  • Yes you need to tell him how you feel. Asap


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