Guys would you date a girl would didn't have a lot of confidence?

Would you date a girl who is beautiful but doesn't know it. Like will put herself down without realising she does it. But does have some confidence. I guess also really shy.
Or would you find this draining?


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  • TBH, I only date confident women. Just a compatability thing for me :)


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  • I have done it, and it kind of sucks. I would do it again but only if she acknowledges that it's an issue and is trying to work on it (i. e. seeing a therapist or at least doing something)

  • I would but she would need to control her insecurities.

    It's insecure people who start problems thst doesn't exist in relationships

  • ofc. hot chicks with low self esteem are the best ;) u can make them do whatever u want ;)

    • Most do have such a low self esteem but they are often egotistical and materialistic which can make everything even worse

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    • It's true.

      But many many women use men to pay for their entertainment t even if se pretends to be somewhat interested...

      These bottom feeders cause men to protect themselves affecting all women across the Baird.

      Women rarely jump in to say that's not cool to their friends who abuse men... rather they laugh about it and supporteach other whilst gettin offended and pretending thay are blameless.

      Not sayin it's u but unless these mutual things are done change won't happen.

    • @truthhammer i know what you mean, i was once a friend with someone who got all sorts out of guys it made me sick i told her she was prostituting herself gifts for sex but she laughed and said no she's not she can't stop them for buying her things but in conversations she would slip up saying i told him i liked it ans if he wanted to make her happy she could have it. I was brought up by only my mum and seen her struggle she's made me the independent woman i am today maybe too independent as guys have once said but i guess its who i am. I end up going for guys who want woman to pay for everything so i don't have to let my independent gaurd down but i want to feel what the love of a real man would be like. I just sometimes feel my self confidence also effects that

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