HELP! My ex is STILL hung up on me. What do I do?

I met my ex about 1 year ago in February, We instantly clicked, we liked a lot of the same bands, had the same sense of style, and there was just a lot of chemistry. We dated for about 4 months and Then thats when things started going downhill... He started to leave at random times without saying anything other than BRB... It was a constant pattern every single day.. I finally got fed up and I aaked him about where he was going so late at night.. He admitted to me that he was a street fighter and that he had been lying to me.. because he thought that I would think different of him, i am NOT a judgmental person, but I do NOT like when people find it necessary to lie to me about their whereabouts... I decided to let it slide but then I found his Instagram and there was a picture of him and another girl at Prom... I thought that maybe he was being an amazing brother and taking his little sister to prom.. WRONG turns out that girl was his fiance! He failed to tell me that he was not single. He HAD been engaged to her for about 2 years and they had a baby but they miscarried... I broke up with him immediately and we stopped talking for a year and this year he got back in contact with me and we got into a huge fight, he called me all kinds of rude and demeaning names that no man should ever call a woman... we stopped talking for about 5 months... today he texted me and He admitted to me that he is in love with me still, him and his fiance are broken up now and I am dating someone else whom I love dearly. So my question is, How can I get my ex to get over me? This is all just too much to handle!


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  • You disconnect and look past em. You focus everything on either the future or someone else. Ultimately you are miserable or still miserable while attempting to be productive. There's no easy way to get over someone.

    • Disconnecting from him is absolutely freaking impossible. He likes to blackmail me and make me feel bad which then makes me say "Fine like okay I'll stay" because I'm an overly sensitive and caring person and that is my biggest flaw. Like I honestly don't know what more to do. Sometimes I honestly wish that I never met him because then I wouldn't be in this position...

    • you mean that?