Why would she tell me, then not do/say anything after I follow through?

Here's the story, I've know this girl for couple of months and I like her, she had a boyfriend until recently so I didn't try anything. Now that she's single I've hung out with her a lot and at one party she told me that she likes me too but she didn't think I liked her. So I asked her how a guy would show her that he likes her and she told me that a guy should take control and they should kiss her. So last night we went out with a bunch of friends to a club and we danced all night. Then her and two of our friends stayed at my place. Our friends fell asleep and we finally got some alone time. Both of us were in my bedroom and I pulled her close to me and kissed her. She kissed me back too. After that we went to sleep but didn't do anything. When we woke up she didn't even seem to remember what happened. So I figured its early and she'll give me some kind of sign later on. But got nothing.

I did what she wanted but got no reaction what am I suppose to do now? Do I try again or what?


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  • i don't believe her...because she seems to able to kiss you, but not remember! that is weird...no matter how drunk you are..you at least remember..unless she drank too much. don't try again, because she will end up not remembering again..just ignore her for while, I mean don't pay so much attention to her(like you used too) hang out more with other friends..it usually works!

  • I guess you have to tell her. You have to be brave and face your fears. Tell her that you really do like her and somehow later on you might end up together.


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