Do I still have a chance with this girl?

i really like this girl I know who lives in my 'dorm'. but I got shot down a few months ago, when I asked her out, so I decided that she wasn't interested in going out with me. Since then, we've run into each other from time to time. she still seems very friendly towards me and smiles to me a lot, but then again, she's like towards everyone. I don't see her that often though, and whenever we run into each other, we don't really say that much other than small talk

we don't have any friends in common, other than we both know her cousin. however, I think her cousin feels uncomfortable about me. We hung out once, but ever since, I've tried inviting her to hang out with me a few times, but she was 'busy' each time.

however, one time, the girl I have the crush on did play foosball with me and someone else we both know. Also, we talked today about how I play basketball pretty often, and after we had a conversation about b ball in general, she suggested that we should play together some time. Although, she looked happy and interested, I'm still highly skeptical she'll actually come if I invite her out. She also sorta teased me by saying that she would beat me if we played together. I gotta admit, I did talk to her with a lot more confidence today, as I usually get really nervous talking to her, but not today

i was thinking of choosing between 2 options:

1. ask her to play b ball with just me or with a group of my friends, none of whom she knows

2. just ask her out on a date asap

what should I do?

there's one more problem. Since the semester ends 2 weeks from now, everyone has finals in 2 weeks. Also, I probably will have to move out of the dorm we live in since I already finished my undergrad studies.


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  • Ask her for a date. What can it hurt? If she declines, move on.

    • I've already asked her out a few months ago and got rejected, so I'm worried that I'll really annoy her if I ask her out again and get rejected. I think her and her cousin are just uncomfortable with me, since her cousin used to be more friendly towards me before I met the girl I like

    • Again, what do you have to lose? You are only asking her for a date and it has been a few months. If you really think that she is not comfortable with you, then you do have the choice of doing nothing, but personally, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It's not like you are repetitively pestering her with requests.

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  • sometimes we reject the person because we judge them by appearance and we don't know much about them. and in your case it looks like you have already build friendship with her..thats a good start. I would go with the first option of taking to paly BB and after that you could ask her out for a date...


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  • Are you going to grad school? Is she going to grad school? If the answer to both of those question is no, one option is to go ahead and ask her out after finals. Maybe the better option is to ask her if she has a break between final exams, ask her if she needs to blow off some steam during that time you'd be happy to kick her ass in a game of basketball. How'd it go with the bracelet girl? Is this the same girl?

    • For the bracelet girl, I asked her a question about a problem on the exam we got back, and while she showed me the problem and her work, she wasn't very open and friendly at all. So I gave up on her

      This girl here is still an undergrad. I'm not going to grad school, and unless I audit some classes next semester, I'll probably have to move back home (immediately after finals as my dorm won't let me stay afterwards). so I want to ask her out before finals.

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    • Damn, don't assume you failed. You probably have failed, but you've gone this far keep pressing on until she tells you to p*ss off. You still have a foot in the door; so, have fun with it make a fool out of yourself. Seriously, assume she wants nothing to do with you; because, she probably doesn't. If you assume the worst and figure you have nothing to lose, you might be a little more relaxed. I sense you're pretty tense when you're around her. Just have fun with it; it may work out.....

    • I think you need to loosen up; feeling like you have nothing to lose might work for you. Play the fool; school's over in a few weeks. You'll probably never see her again. Why not take a chance?

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