Can a girl be undatable?

Every guy I meet just seems to want something sexual from me and they make it so obvious... am I just unlikable in that way? I don't dress innapropriately and I'm kinda shy and quiet and kind of socially awkward... is that why guys don't like me?


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  • You might be looking at the wrong guys. And be careful because almost every guy under 18 is a fuck boy who doesn't want a real relationship because they are too immature to have one. If it's legal where you live you should go for older guys. It's legal in Canada so I'm with my boyfriend who is 21. Older guys are usually more mature because it takes longer for them to. That's why we hit puberty years before they do.


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  • what kind of vibe do you give off?

    • do you have a reputation?

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    • if you have nothing to offer, in terms of character, personality, enthusiasm, good friendships, then guys will only see you as something to have sex with, most likely, because if you got nothing, you are still, at least, a body that they can do something with.

      does that make sense

    • Yah makes sense... thnx😊

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