How Should I Text Him Back shy guy?

Me: What makes you smile? :D
Him: Video Game sometimes hahaha
Me: Not girls but video game hahaha great!
Him: Hahahah exactly

what does this mean? What should i text back? I have a crush on him D:
also he said he's a shy guy :)


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  • Well I think he's just joking and you replied sarcastically which is simple flirting. The key to winning a guy is to not act desperate and obsessive. We like challenges, it just builds interest and excitement. Although if he's a shy guy you will have to make him feel more comfortable and open him up a bit so he can talk more freely and confidently. You can do that by always being positive and best thing to boost a guys confidence is laughing and smiling!!! We feel like champions if we make girls laugh :) As far as the conversation goes, just keep it simple and continue small talk. Ask him what video games he likes or something like that. You could ask him whether he likes video games more than girls but it depends how close you are and how long you've been communicating... Questions always keep the conversation going, and open doors for new topics. Good luck, any more questions I'm open to answer.

    • I am the one who text him first everytime because he's never text me first. And yesterday he was at school so I text him "sorry to bothering you ^^" and he replied "oh you aren't! I jusy been pretty busy at school :)"
      And when I asked him question he never ask me back :(

    • there's only two possible reasons, he either is not interested in you and is just being nice about it, or he like you said is shy and needs you to be more upfront. If you can tell his friends that you like him or do something so that if your not comfortable to then get someone else to tell him u like him.

  • You obviously want to hear something.
    Instead of fishing, why not be straight up and tell him what you want?
    Its better than waiting around for a shy guy to guess right. Some of don't come out of our shells until our 30's. And we almost never can read your mind to tell you what you want to hear.

    • I don't want to scared him away D:

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    • Thank you so much! :)

    • You're so welcome.
      Here's to your happiness. Cheers.

  • So you play with other girls online ;)? that's why you smile?


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