The guy im dating told me he would keep me posted on how his father is (who has pancreas and kidney problems) but hasn't replied or updated me?

We were supposed to hang out this last Friday and i messaged him asking if we were going to hang out then he replied two hours later saying "im packing my bags to go with my sister to ohio. My dad is having pancreas and kidney problems. His isn't doing good." which i told him thats not good and to be safe while driving and he told that he would and that hed keep me posted. I messaged him on Saturday night asking how he was doing and he hasn't messaged me back yet. Its been three days and i haven't heard anything from him. Should i message him real quick to see if he responds? I feel like maybe he's pushing me away. He has acted distant in the past also. What should i do? I've been worrying about him and he hasn't even messaged me. I seen he was on facebook also.😒 this is making me feel like he isn't close enough or wants me to be close enough to vent to me?


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  • He's deliberately avoiding you.
    You did enough at this point , it's time for you to pull back and see just how long it actually takes him to contact you (if he takes a week at most I'd shift my interest elsewhere).
    If you contact him continuously it will not change the outcome of him deciding to no longer keep contact with you or " getting around to answering you when he feels like it".

    • I ended up messaging him today saying hey. I haven't heard from you. How are things going. Which he didn't reply. So now i truly believe that he's avoiding me. Is this really something that i could stop seeing him for? Im just feeling hurt. Like our relationship isn't as close as i thought it was. You are definitely right though so thankyou.

    • Yes, it is. I am sorry , but things have to be this way because he's making them that way. <3

  • Be patient he is goin through a lot right now. I can imagine it must be hard for him right now. Everyday, still mssg him , words of comfort or send a prayer.