Should I actually have said yes to my girlfriend instead of saying no? Was she testing me?

I have been dating for 3 months now and i think i messed up, at least that is what this other girl told me. My girlfriend said there was a gala for her program in university this Saturday and she bought a second ticket for me. I had planned to go out with my friends but then she said "so you want to go out with your friends right?" i said yes, then she said "if you ever change you mind let me know ok". Well i been talking with this other girl and she said my girlfriend said that because she wants me oto go 100% but i choose my friends over this lol. Is this true? if it is, i'll correct my mistake

  • Yes she wanted you to go with her
  • She doesn't care if you go with your friends
  • Other (can you please explain)
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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, I think she probably wanted you to turn around and say that you would enjoy her company more and go with her. I guess just take her out sometime and make it really romantic and that'll probably make up for it, and hey, she might not even mind that much.

    • i think i just might go with her cause the ticket is $40 and she did pay for it

What Guys Said 1

  • Do not "change your mind". You had prior plans and she didn't ask you before she bought the ticket. She should have asked first.

    • i guess so, but i can't leave her hanging, it's a big thing for her

    • It is your decision. However if you should go you probably should make it clear that she needs to ask before simply including you in her plots and plans.

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