Who can give good long distance relationship advice?

I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 months and have been talking for 7 months. He lives 6 hours away from me. And since we started dating I've been the one to drive to him every time. Unfortunately I have broke down twice on the way to see him. I ask him if he will come see me for a change and he says that he doesn't want to risk breaking down. Now maybe I'm just over thinking this but wouldn't it be fair to alternate driving? I take the same risk of breaking down everytime. What should I do?


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  • I'm currently in a long distance relationship. These types of relationships are difficult but it can work with good communication and the ability to compromise. You should both be taking turns, unless there's a reason one of you can't make the trip such as conflicts with a job, family circumstances, or something like that which would prevent the person from being able to drive 6 hours away. Otherwise, it should be a mutual thing.

    You should talk to him about this and figure out the real reason he doesn't want to come see you (I seriously doubt it's only because he doesn't want to "risk breaking down"). Then try to figure out a compromise. 6 hours is a long drive, it's not fair at all for you to be making that drive every time you want to see each other and he refuses to come see you.

    • Oh and get this, he has 3 cars. One is in perfect condition and it just needs to be registered again. He is waiting til his family will register and insure it for cheaper. He's been waiting for months. I think you're right and there may be more then just worried about breaking down.

    • Wow, yeah. That just solidifies my response even more. If he has a car that's in decent condition, there's really no reason to be worried about breaking down. I would definitely try to talk to him about it more and see if you can figure out the real reason he doesn't want to make the drive.

  • Well my boyfriend lives 7 hours away n since I'm 16 n he's 17 our parents don't trust us to drive ourselves so our parents drive us and alternate each time

    • Yea, most parents wouldn't do that I don't think. You're pretty lucky.

    • Yea Ik I am but I think u guys should alternate each time