When should you say I love you?

My boyfriend and I have been dating forba little over a month. He asked me early on when I feel is a time when it's okay to start saying " I love you ".
I shrugged and said no set timeline. That when one person feels like they want to say it, you should say it.
He'll constantly say "I really, really like you " or "you know I'm crazy about you, right"
He knows I'm not overly affectionate, and I think actions speak louder than words. He also knows I am hesitant about the L word.

One evening during some pillow talk he jokingly asked, "do you love me?" But a part of me feels like he wasn't joking. Later that same night he said something along the lines of, "I really like you and when I say that I mean... I mean I'm crazy about you. " but the pause made me feel like maybe he was debting using the L word.

I don't think I'm ready to use the L word yet. What should I do if he says it?
What do you feel is the usual time line for saying, " I love you " ?


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  • As you mentioned, there is no timeline. Each person should simply say it whenever they feel like it's true. If you aren't ready, that's totally okay. If he says it first, you don't have to say it back. Just tell him exactly how you feel about him, even if it isn't "love" just yet. He should understand and not want to push you to say it before you're ready.


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  • Tell him when your heart feels right to say it

    • And if he says it first? How should I reply?

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    • Ask a guy I can tell you he's 100% right and if your boyfriend can't repected that then you should end it move on. never say u love you unless u truly mean it

    • @skykidx1

      I don't this he wouldn't respect that I'm not ready to say it back but I know he'd be a little hurt. He probably wouldn't say anything but not having someone say " i love you " back does hurt.

      I just want to lessen that hurt. I want to give him a reply that even though it isn't "I love you "it still conveys how much i care about him.

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  • I don't like saying that!


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