My boyfriend got upset about me and got messed up drunk that he blacked out and didn't remember going to a strip club?

We were both upset about our relationship. He convinced me not to drink, but lied on his part and got messed up with his family. The next day, I couldn't reach him at work. He lied about missing work because he got sick from all the drinking. I just found out that he got blacked out and went to a strip club. He doesn't remember what happened and why he pulled out $100 from the atm there. He claims he didn't go there for women, but for drinks. I told him he could've use his card for that and you would only pull out cash in a strip club to use there. He said he doesn't remember what happened. He claims is a waste of money, but I told him that he's $100 out and has no idea what he did with his money. Now, I'm wondering if he pulled out cash to drown his "sorrows" on some strippers especially since he's out with the boys.


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  • You cannot possibly believe that horse 💩

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