What nations produce the most attractive people for your personal preference?

Okay so I'm Australian with mostly British ancestry. My preference tends to be Australian/American, I like the accents, looks and more tanned skin tones. I also am quite fond of Scandinavians, and I think Slavic (like Russian/Ukranian) women can be really attractive too.
Obviously I'm not limited to these ethnicities but these are what I prefer. I'm curious to know what other people think.

PS please state your own ethnicity- that would help a lot :)

Please not I'm not limited to the aforementioned, but if, say, a mate wanted to introduce me to a girl and said that she was Danish or Russian, that would be a particular plus. Maybe its just a trendy thing for me I don't know.


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  • Personally Americans personally because I'm attracted to Native Americans.
    But so does pretty much every nation on the earth. Attractive people are anywhere.
    But Brazilians, Russians, Ethiopians and Sweden etc all contain beautiful people. Everything has beauty as well.


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  • Japanese girls catch my eye.
    I am Indian.


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  • British and Australian guys are very attractive tbh... And anywhere where most of the guys are blonde! Lol

    I'm Hispanic (Puerto Rican)

    • If you like blonds than Scandonavia might be the place for you... Provided you have snowy weather clothes to suit. I had a Danish student at my house about a month ago, he was blond and 4/6 of the friends he took to my place one night were blond too, and the other two were a light hazel.
      Hispanics are really attractive too ;)

  • Swedish
    South African

    I am American.


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