Four dates, no moves... why?

So we are really taking things slow... Mostly on his behalf, I had guts to ask him out the last time and that was yesterday. It has been 3 months, 4 dates and no holding hands nor kiss. I don't mind taking it slow but uuummm... I wonder why no moves? He texts paragraphs when we text good and talk about values, family, morals, interests and what we are doing. Any ideas?

ps. Dates go great... no dull moment, always great conversations and laughter

  • Shy
  • Being Extra cautious
  • Not interested
  • Wants you to take initiative
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  • Give him some time...
    He is either shy or extra cautious...
    Don't let this guy go... he will be ur long term partner.. And he will be loyal.. i can guarantee u...


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  • Try touching him - just on the arm for example. A lot of decent guys won't touch you out of respect - they dont want to do anything you dont want them to so they do nothing.

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