Being honest about telling a girl how beautiful she is?

Ok so guys usually rate 1-10. If a girl asks you how pretty you think she is or something like that should you be honest and say like 6 or bump it up a little to make her feel better. Does her being your girlfriend change your answer? Cuz if I thought my girl was a 7 should I just say 10 lol kinda a put you on the spot question


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  • Tell her she's a 3. Bitches love 3s.
    Be cool about it man. If she asks you to rate her, tell her some shit like truly beautiful things don't get ratings, they're just priceless. Or, she done broke the system. Unless she's chubs. Then don't tell her that cuz she might take it the wrong way.


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  • If your girl ever asks you that question, don't answer. First of all, a smart girl won't ever ask.
    Those are compromising questions, cause she expects one answer, and if you don't give her that answer, she's gonna feel bad. Just tell her she's beautiful, but don't give her a number.

    On GAG, I don't tend to rate girls I find unattractive, cause though I know that's my honest opinion, those girls don't wanna hear they're ugly, cause most likely, they know they are, so I don't wanna make their self esteem even worse.
    When it's a pretty girl, I'm completely honest.

    I'm I'm asked in person though, then I may lie, just say "you're pretty cute", cause there's no escape xD


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  • No woman has ever asked me to rate them, which is convenient because I'm not gonna give them any number. That's ridiculous.

    Bottom line: if I like someone or am with someone, I take them for who they are and wouldn't want to change anything about them.

  • Yes, you should always be honest with a woman. If she is 3 out of 10, then you should tell the truth. Don't lie to just make her feel better, that's not the right way of giving her confidence.