He ask me out, BUT.. I need help?

hello everyone! i'm so confuse right now. I'm in a new potential relationship. Everything is going so cool. He treats me like a princess but this time he wants me to plan for a date. He has been taking me to the best places in city, expensive meals, all the chivlary now he wants me to decide the place, time and day. what should i do? i have no idea. I even have to pick him up. please help! it's our third date and can lead/destroy to something beautiful.


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  • Ok, what is wrong in that? I mean he has always been taking charge so maybe for a change he wants you to do the same, he really values your opinions and so he is asking you. Simple.

    Why are you so worried?

    • i am worried.. what should i do or where should we go. what if he didn't like the place?

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    • i did kind of suggest and he over-ride my suggestion... and than we enjoyed the movie...(his idea)... thanks.. it was great..

    • Ok, good to know that it eventually went well

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  • Bowling would be a decent idea.

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