Is it weird to feel like this?

I've barely started texting a guy I met 2 almost 3 weeks ago online. I thought nothing of it because I was just asking for advice on a job i was being offered. After a bit of talking and information shared I realized that he works in my town and that he goes to the place that offered me a job a lot. After 4 days he invited me to hang out with him and his friends but I couldn't go. He said we'd reschedule. And when it came to the day I was free, something happened with his family so he rain checked. I've been giving him his space to cope with everything and he said he would text me when he felt less depressed. I checked in with him today since it's been 2 weeks since we spoke and he told me that it was harder to cope than he expected. I was glad he actually responded. So I told him that if he needed anything I was there for him. I feel like it was weird to tell him that since we barely know each other.
I don't know but I like this guy. I don't know what he looks like but I feel an attraction to him. Is it weird to feel like this so soon?


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  • It's really not a good idea to develop attraction for someone based on their personality as experienced via messages, and even via phone calls.

    You need to meet up with him, get a sense of him in person ASAP. To avoid hurting possibly two people.

    Here is why:

    o If he is hot to you, but he meets you and isn't into you.. that's gonna hurt bad.
    o If he's NOT hot, and your already developing feelings.. your going to try to like him. You might.. or you might end up resenting having to TRY to like him when you meet a guy you actually find real hot.

    Your best bet is to meet up, get a sense of him. Then see how things develop from there
    Good luck.


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  • It's not weird, it's normal.


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  • its not weird at all, i think its pretty cute and romantic, that your attracted to him and not to his looks this is called maturity so dont worry i think this guy is worth for you.

    • From what you see do you think he's into me too?

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    • hmm your right, if he needed some space then give him some space, but whenever he texts you reply him fast and reply anything that'll let him know that you are worried because of him being depressed.

    • Good idea

  • You both sound to nervous to actually hangout bad signs. I have been through this before and its always a no go

    • I'm not nervous! I've been wanting to hang out with him but the day he asked I didn't have my car and they were going to be out until 4am and I had to be up at 6am the next day so I asked if we could maybe do it another day just me and him.

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    • I did explain to him why I couldn't and he agreed to change the day

    • well he backed out anyway

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