How many times should I have sex with my boyfriend for becoming experienced?

I am a virgin. Do I even need anything to learn about VAGINAL sex? lol

  • 5 times
  • 10 times
  • 50 times
  • 100 times
  • 200 times
  • 500 times
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  • Zero. Read up, talk with girlfriends, find your comfort zone with self pleasuring (if you want to get a head start on full out intercourse).

    Do yourself a favour. Find someone, you really, really want, and decide how you want him. Be with him for the right reasons and explore it together. Choose someone whos is patient, kind, considerate and most importantly loves you.

    Everyone is different though. If you find you don't care for commitment, find you don't want a considerate partner, find you just want to fuck and run. Then practice, practice, practice wherever you like, just make sure whomever you are practicing with that your ready and willing to either have an abortion or have his babies. Since birth control is never 100% effective.

    Personally, I would rather find a loving partner and discover together what turns us both on, which positions we like and how precisely to start.

    Though, definitely read up and talk with girlfriends. Good hunting.

    • I am against all kinds of abortion and I want to live happily with the father of my children. If he won't marry me then no sex

    • :) Sounds really good.

      Though I think its difficult to keep a hard line when passion is involved.

      Only thing we can do is make sure the people where with seem convincingly loving, caring and considerate and then see how you feel as things develop.

      Hoping you get the best experience! :)

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  • As many times as it takes to understand eachother's body