Would you even bother with this person?

I met this guy through a mutual friend. We started texting everyday having a laugh so we arranged our first date for this weekend. Just to go grab a coffee or something. But he text me yesterday saying that he was working away from our city until Friday and he was going away with friends this weekend so the coffee would have to wait. I text him saying no prob we'll do it when your free.

But I'm actually really upset that he cancelled. He made plans with me and now all of a sudden he is going away for the weekend. So it's obvious he ditched me for his friends. His been texting since last night trying to make conversation but tbh I really don't want to speak to him or even go on a date now.

What would you do? I've never been stood up so I suppose it's really hurt my feelings.

  • Don't give him another chance he blew you off.
  • You're overreacting forgive him this time.
  • Other
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  • Honestly, it sounds like work changed a bit and if he is going AWAY for the weekend then it's a little different for me personally. To me that isn't like, yeah we are chilling and playing video games and your date is a first date for coffee only. So I can see going.

    That said, IF he picks up on your cold shoulder and asks what's up, I would tell him something like:

    I understand that you are getting a great opportunity to go have a fun weekend with your friends, and I'm sure I'm being oversensitive, but I can't help but feel a little upset because I felt like I was stood up for your friends.

    • It may sound weird and if you're like me sending it will be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable, but I have some really great experiences using this kind of non-confrontational honesty

  • Nope I wouldn't give him another chance you're not a doormat.