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So I'm dating this guy, his previous ex, not sure if their relationship, was super about him, bought him a ton of stuff all the time. She bought him these captain America socks and when they were together he posted them on social media. Well today he took a pic with them on calling them his lucky socks. I just don't know if I'm just feeling some type of way and he isn't thinking that deep about it or if I'm just jealous of this is a red flag? Guys I'm I just being dumb about this?


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  • In my opinion right now just overreacting. For example, of course men like to eat, there may be certain places we like to go to that we happened be some where we use to go w an ex. Fast forward, new girlfriend, we take her there as well, she finds out we use to frequent that place w an ex so her feelings get hurts, she gets mad, angry, upset and so on. Us men are simple, just because we take you there doesn't mean we're reminiscing, in most cases, for me that's not the thing. It's because they have freaking awesome food that I thought you might like as well. Not because I miss her! She's an ex from r a reason, don't go overboard, over analyzing it to much. Let me ask this, who dumped who? If she dumped him there may be a reason they are his "lucky" socks.

    • He dumped her

    • So like I said she's an ex for a reason. I wouldn't make a big deal out of the socks. A lot of men, like a lot of women are materialistic so those socks happened to be just that. If my ex gave me a watch that I really liked, maybe for a birthday or something I'm not going to throw it away. I think because a lot of men aren't good w feelings we really don't tend to attach that relationship emotionally to items like that the way women do. It's a watch, it's awesome, I like it. I'm not going to get rid of it or destroy it. We may attach feelings to something like a wedding ring cause it was something big in our life, but a watch or socks, no, not likely. Women tend to go overboard. OMG it's our first week anniversary what should I get him? OMG this was the napkin he wiped my lips w at the restaurant! Lol those socks won't be around forever. Maybe you can buy him a pair that he will start wearing more, overthrowing the his ex's socks w out looking like a nasty witch.

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  • No not dumb. Jealousy is a very strange thing. It can come out when you least expect it.
    The most important thing is how we deal with it. Left alone it can feature and grow.
    Talk to him be honest how it made you feel. Then see how he reacts. They might be a new pair. Might even be a dig at his ex.
    Just talk about it.

  • What he is doing is obviously not cool... i would say observer whats happening..
    and back off a bit... back off and observe whats happening..
    if he starts to pursue u more that means his focus of attention is still on u and u dont have to worry about..
    but if he goes cold... then ur spidy sense are correct

    • Was he just not thinking when he post the picture or was he trying to get that girls attention?

    • Something is definitely up... thats why im saying back off..
      because the worse thing u can do is have a freak out about it,.. coz ur gonna literally drive him into the arms of ex..
      chillout and relax,, and back off... and see what happens

  • LMFAo. Sometimes I just gatta sit back and laugh at these stories. Captain America socks? LOL

    You sound jelly.

  • u r just going so deep
    Enjoy ur dating rather


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