If you want to show interest in someone, should you talk to them everyday?


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  • No, but you should talk to them when you feel like it. Don't push it though


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  • I think it's important to chat with those you're interested... but not as a means of "showing them you're interested"...


    1) Because it assumes that it matters if they know you're interested. And it doesn't. All that matters is if YOU'RE interested. If you are, then chat with them. Get to know them. Find out if they are really as awesome as you think. And if they are then start to flirt and escalate until you're together on a date.

    2) If you're talking to a girl, even one time, then she already knows you're interested. Girls know. There's no need to be MORE obvious about it.

    3) Sometimes guys think they need to be super obvious because they're waiting for the girl to return the signs of interest. This is a mistake for two reasons... A) we often miss those signs because women are subtle. B) it doesn't matter if she's interested too... all that matters is if YOU'RE interested. She can spend her energy learning to like you later... after you're flirted and escalated your way into her heart.


    ~ Robby

  • Yes you should man.