How to find companionship in women older than myself?

I don't know if this is a "sugar mama" or "cougar" situation. But I find girls in their 20's and my age aren't interested in me at all, probably because half I have no job.

So I was thinking, what about the women who are financially settled and older (late 30s and early 40's) that are divorced, single moms, or never married, they have trouble finding relationships and like me look for companionship, if they get past no income on my part, I'm young and vibrant (not bald and gray or wrinkled) and would consider dating or being involved with someone older I find some attraction to.

How would I go about finding these women?



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  • There are sites you can join. Just google. If you want to find a woman with money specifically, try narrowing your search to that. There's sites for women to find sugar daddy's. I have a few friends who are sugar babies and have met men on these sites just for companionship and money; sure there's a market out there for men seeking older women with money.

    • Which do your friends use? I'm looking for suggestions for ones people know of they used.

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  • Some cougars are very hot. Go to a bar or a join a cougar dating site

    • If I join cougar dating is it wrong to look for women with money? Unless they have money nobody will want me if they expect money from me I don't have money to support anyone. Any good sites you suggest?

    • Free Cougar Contract or any cougar dating site.
      Really you can try any dating site and state that you're are looking for an older women.

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  • Dating sites, bars, mall etc.


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