Girls, Why don't girls stop lying?

Why don't girls stop lying

Ok so I'm on dating sites and I can't get no replies. I bet your first thought is that I'm just messaging hot women when I'm average myself well that's not the case I message all girls and I get nothing it's clearly not about personality because I don't brag that I'm a nice guy I show it and I have been told so it's not some fake stuff to get in a girls pants because that's not who I am.

Thanks for opinions


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  • How are girls lying by simply not being interested? They aren't obligated to respond to everyone.

    Guys as a whole have it much harder on dating sites, so I feel for you. Try not to take no responses as rejection. Maybe rewrite your profile to make it more interesting. Make sure your pictures are flattering and show that you have a life and are a positive/happy person. Actively try to improve yourself (I'd give this advice to anyone) by doing things like working out, having a nice clothing style, keeping busy with hobbies, practicing talking to people, etc. Send messages that are thoughtful and/or funny.

    If you're not having luck with online dating, it might be better for you to try meeting girls the old fashioned way.

    • I do this stuff but I refuse to believe that I can't get any girl like I said I even message ones considered not attractive

    • Maybe you're not too attractive yourself, or simply don't photograph well.

    • Well some called me average so if they were lying that explains this whole thing and like I said I message every girl not just the attractive ones

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  • Well i had a couple of dating apps just to see how things work and most people just like to play it to get matches, not a lot of people wanted to go out and see that person. It's just a way of making yourself feel good with the swipes (btw I'm talking about tinder). Its best if you actually want to meet a nice person is by person, I'm not against online dating but its much easier to tell whether that person actually likes you or just flirting around

    • Well like I said no replies and these aren't just gets or hello they are well thought out messages that are based off things in her profile or things we have in common

    • Choose another app or website, its probably filled with boring people lol

    • I get the same results on other apps too

  • They're either too busy, they never see it, see it but don't think it's interesting enough to respond back, they forget, they're rude, they lack social skills/are nervous or they're really just not interested.

    • I wish I could figure it out because I'm starting to think I'm undateable I've tried numerous apps with no results while people I work with easily hookup and even get girlfriends

    • Then stop relying on dating apps. Try real life girls lol.

    • If I can't get results on a dating app which is the internet wouldn't it be even worse in person or real life

  • As a woman I hardly reply to most people on dating sites anyways.