Do you get anxious if the person you're talking to doesn't reply?

So I get very anxious if I send a text to the girl I'm talking to and I don't get a reply, more so when it is a more important text, like asking her out for a next date.

I've been going out with this girl for about 2 months now, and things have been going well. Last week she invited me over for dinner to meet her parents. So because of that, I am pretty certain she is interested in me. We see each other almost every weekend, but she does live about 2 hours away, so that's a little difficult. Since we started talking she has always been a little flaky on texting. Some days she texts a ton, others she's barely there.

What bothers me is when I send a text and then I see her like something on instagram or post to snapchat. That means she was using her phone and decided to just not text me. That has happened since the beginning, so it's not like new behavior or anything. But it makes me nervous that things aren't going well. I try to make the girl I'm talking to a priority when I text or do anything like that. Tonight for example, about 2 hours ago I asked her when she was free to do something next. And I got no response, but I did see she was on instagram. I hate that I get anxious and I don't act on it or anything like that, but what do you do when this kind of thing happens to you? Has this happened to you before? And girls (or guys) have you done this to the person you're talking to even though you liked them?


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes I do especially when I send a text to a guy, I start to get anxious wondering if they're speaking to someone else. Especially when they take like all night to respond I don't like it. I start to get worried and think I'm annoying him or something.


What Guys Said 1

  • Well, not exactly anxious but I do wonder what's wrong and why they are not responding. I mean I certainly don't appreciate such behavior.