Told a Girl I want to date her when we went out. She didn't say much. What should I do?

I am in to this girl I've met. We went out a few times, around 5 or 6? We went to the movies, lunch, walks and dinner. The last time I asked her out which was yesterday, we had dinner together, then after we had dessert, went to buy her sister a birthday gift and walked around. At the end of the night, around 12am at that time, i told her that I wanted to "date" her, she seems a bit shocked (not too sure), and didn't say anything. So i quickly changed the subject, and didn't give her time to answer or anything. It didn't seem so awkward even tho i told her that i wanted to date her and that's why I've been asking her out to dinner and stuff. We still talked normally and laughed, at some point she was running towards somewhere i didn't want her to go and I hugged and grabbed her back; we were kinda playing around, and we were laughing. I gave her a hug at the end before i left to go back home. She only said i'm so tall~~ after i gave her the hug since we have a height difference. Everything seemed well, but I'm still not sure what's happening. Especially when she didn't say anything when i told her i wanted to date her. Our age is around 19,20. Is she interested in me or not? Do I have chance with her? what should i do? Would be really thankful if i can get some nice feedback and advice. :)

by the way when i hugged her at the time im about to leave, she didn't hug back :p


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  • Umm... you're already "dating" her if you've been out 5 or 6 times :) Were you trying to see if she wants to be exclusive? Your wording may have confused her. Try again by telling her you'd like to be exclusive.

    • Yeaaa, I want her to be my girlfriend. We've been going out, but I want to hold her hand, when we go out and stuff. Yes, exclusive.

    • Ah, then spell it out, my friend. It sounds like she already likes you :)

What Guys Said 1

  • Have you kissed her yet?

    • Get i a situation where you can give her a hug. Make it a bf/gf hug, not a grandma hug. The pull your torso away from hers but keep your arms around her waist, look into her eyes, and let your expression tell her that you want to kiss her (words should not be necessary), then move in and, if she doesn't push you away, kiss her. Girls like guys who are assertive with romance.

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