Is he into me or no?

There's this guy I've been talking too long distance, he is very attractive, nice job, nice apartment, style, humor. He's a few years older, but we really liked each other so we dated. It only lasted a month though but we decided to be friends. We argued some times back in forth then we stopped talking then I apologized so we continued talking again, as usual. We text a lot, especially Now after out last argument, We've been texting a lot like constantly all day and he's up till 2am talking to me while its still like 5:00 here. He always calls me little, little girl, and cute nick names like that and stuff and says its hot when I send a blushy face emoji because he's says its because I'm small and blushing. He would call me his little home and sfuff. He says he's not some type of fuckboy and talks to girl, he's a personal trainer and when he talks to a girl he said its usually only fitness advice or normal talk... Ugh I tried not to Start liking him again but I enjoy talking to him so much and he makes me excited to wake up in the morning. He started calling me his little sister today though and its confusing me... We are pretty alike and we even have the same last name... Ugh I don't know. You think he's into me back.

(We skyped , he's legit, we've sent live pics and videos and etc)

No mean comments please. Thank you.


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  • may be he just sees you as his little sister, and nothing more than that.

    • I'm forever alone

    • naah dont feel like that, your just under 18, there's a whole life ahead of you, besides you dont know what tomorrow might bring.

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  • Yep he is into you.

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