Why do guys get mad, and don't even say hi when yesterday, you both were alright?

Last night we had some problem, and I mean he certainly said " I think we should just not do it forawhile," and I said ok, and he asked if i was fine, and Im like yes im fine, I want to stay here tonight, but im fine. He of course was like I know something is wrong, I mean there was nothing wrong. This morning, he usually after he takes a shower he'll usually wake me up and say hey, and we'll like chat before he goes to class, but today he did not do any of those, instead he was rushing to get out, and when I got my stuff to leave, he rushed even more and left without even saying hi. Not sure if there was something, or what? Last night we were happy, and having fun. I know I'll probably ask him whats up... but I'm just wondering if its a guy thing to be mad at nothing or what?

Well i asked him a few hours later he seemed fine. We hung out and it was all good.


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  • ok. sure we like to run away from problems, but he may just be in a hurry to class to get there on time or something like that. You speak with him one on one and talk it out if it's bothering you. That's really all I have to say. Don't leave it to the last minute. ok?

    • His class wasn't for another hour. I'll just for sure talk to him, when we both get out of class in a little

    • ok, that's good to know. just,.. um... don't abruptly say "we need to talk" because that's the signal for the word "breaking up". Ask that you want to talk about something... yada yada yada. ok

    • okay, ill just start a normal conversation, and then ask him if he okay, and so on! thank you so much!

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  • Maybe he didn't feel like talking to you. Give it some time.

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