What is wrong with dating someone for their personality?

I have started dating this guy and I am really excited about it!

But my friends keep insulting him, they call him ugly and say that I can do better. They say that he is too short (he is 5'7 but I am only 5'1) and they say that his nose is too big and other stuff. But he is extremely intelligent (he got accepted early to Brown University), he is a great athlete, he is nice to everybody, and we have fun together. I am also physically attracted to him; I like his eyes and smile and other stuff. How can I get them to stop and not let them ruin a good thing for me?


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  • Tell them exactly what you put in the question: all the legitimate reasons why you like him. Those are all good reasons. Anyone who says that you shouldn't date a guy who is intelligent, athletic and has a great personality probably has some very different priorities than you. If you can't make that clear to them and they need to keep berating him, consider new friends.


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  • let your friends know you're really into this guy and that you like him just the way he is. kudos to you for not being so picky about the things that don't matter. if he has a great personality, he treats you right and you're really attracted to him that's all that matters. make that clear to your friends and tell them to stop bringing things like that up. if they're true friends they will understand.

    make sure to speak in a polite manner as well as being serious. try not to yell or raise your voice (as tempting and as hard as that might be) remember they're your friends and they might just be using tough love with you because they care about you and want the best for you.

  • I dealt with the same thing but I always stood up for him, they're just immature. Tell them that you really like this guy and he treats you well so they should be happy for you instead of being judgemental and vain.