Confused about guy friend, do I tell him how I feel?

I have feelings for my guy friend that I just can't get over, especially now that we're back in the same city after 7 years. We are so close and do lots of "coupley" things together, and have kissed a few times over the years, but never talked about it and weren't really in a place to be dating so I feel like we friendzoned each other. I wanted to talk to him about it, but unfortunately this girl came out of nowhere and now I'm stuck wondering what to do. He met her (an American) while on a business trip to Asia, and then a few weeks later I see on his sister's instagram that she has joined their family trip to the Caribbean. I know guy friend probably wanted a "date" to bring since his parents are together and his sister has her fiance, but still. Now, just a few weeks later, they've run off to Europe together for the week. And for each of these trips she is flying back and forth to Asia, but doesn't have a real job and just finished college, while guy friend and I are more than a few years out and have careers.

Does this sound like a fling to you? I mean he hasn't mentioned her to me, and when we were together last week he was saying how he is done traveling after this trip, and thinks he is going to just stick to shorter trips from now on so he can focus more on work and being home. He was also bashing trust fund kids, which I thought was funny since this girl is one herself... He also hasn't posted anything about her online, while she's updating their every move and boasting about her travels. It kind of seems like she's living in this fantasy world and has drug him along, and like he gets the perfect arrangement because he can focus on his business when he's home but then run off and have a hookup in these exotic locales every so often.

When he gets back I want to talk to him - do you think it's worth it? Or will this girl's presence, no matter how serious, make it not worth my time? this fast and intense relationship is really unlike him.


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  • Yes!

  • well "this fast and intense relationship" usully makes people get married so tell him how you feel and ignore him and never talk to him ever again if he doesn't contact you first --'

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