My crush has been trying to help me open up and become less shy... but nothings working?

He's a sweet guy, and I hope he doesn't hate me but I want to tell him that he intimidates me Lol. I'm not sure if how he feels for me is a joke or anything, but I would like to be comfortable around him I'm just scared. Any thoughts on what I can do. I can't get drunk. Wish I could. Ha

I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way either... I wish I could hold his hand but I can't Lol or even look at him. I don't know how he truelly feels about me because he's been mean to me in the past. I forgive him but it's like if he wants me to talk to him he has to help me out, and I need him to help me become comfortable..


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  • Well there is always sex slave day where your basically allowed to do to him whatever you want (within resion and he has a safe word )

    • If she's (intimidated) how would that work?

    • Back when I was a shy boy with my first girlfriend I told her that I was having a similar problem and that was her idea to fix it and it worked like a charm

    • Hahahah this is great

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  • How long have you known him for? Maybe you just need more time till you get used to him.

    • For a few months.. but I really like him, yet can't be around him. I'm getting impatient with myself

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