We haven't talked in a week, I tried calling him and he didn't answer?

Last Tuesday, i got upset because of a guy I'm dating's actions. I didn't like something he did/said so I told him I didn't want to talk to him. I told him what he did "spoke volumes to me". He kept trying, but I told him "no go away". So we didn't talk the rest of that day. On Wednesday he tried to talk to me when he saw me, and I talked back but I was cold and distant because I was still annoyed. So a week goes by, and he seems angry and won't even look at me or acknowledge my existence. I called him last night, twice and he didn't pick up. I guess he's done with me completely now then?


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  • Ok, I understand you didn't appreciate something he did and you did bring it up to him, that's also fine, but despite him taking the effort to apologize to you, or to talk to you, you kept ignoring him and then you yourself mentioned you started acting cold and distant.

    Now these are clear signs that you are no longer interested in having him in your life, so then he decided he won't bother you again and so now he will ignore you that's for sure.

    Yes, even I think he is done with you completely. There's nothing you can do now, just move on.

    • He didn't take the effort to apologize to me. He just acted like it didn't happen.

    • Ok, but you mentioned in your post somwhere that "he kept trying", what did that mean then?

    • He kept trying to make light of the situation. As in talk to me as if I weren't upset about what he did.

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  • You could text him saying you want to talk to him and sort things out. That way the ball will be in his court

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