Went on a few dates with one guy but met my old crush at the party and he's single. What do I do?

Hey everyone!
I'm 22 years old and I'm in a really awkward situation. I've been on 3 awesome dates with a guy from my uni. I started talking to him when I was still in another very unheathy relationship and he helped me to escape from them. He spent 1 month waiting till I'm done with my ex to ask me out on a date. He's a really good guy, we share a lot of interests and we've been texting each other every single day for more than a month now.
It was all fine until I met my old crush at the party last week. I had a huuuuuge crush on him 1 year ago, but he was in a long-term relationship, so there's was no chance. We were best friends and everyone was thinking that we can be a perfect couple. After the party were countined talking and he told me that his ex cheated on him and brkoe up 3 months ago and that he had a big crush on my as well but he was loyal to his now-ex.

I don't really know what to do now. The first guy is soo into me, he's so happy to see me each time. We have a lot of courses together at the uni. He's fun and I like him. But I feel like my feelings for that other guy never disappeared. I still like him a looooot and I feel more chemistry between us. We totally understand each other and our conversations flow perfectly. It feels so comfortable around him while I can feel some pressure not to be totally myself when around first guy.

I feel so bad for the first guy but I can't stop thinking of the fact that my old crush is single and still has feelings for me. What do I do? How do I tell the first guy that I'm not quite interested in him anymore if he's so serious about us? Is there any way to say it without hurting him too much?


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  • You need to let the first guy go. It's not fair for him to not have someone who isn't head over heels for him. He deserves more.


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  • Well, there's a reason why this is called the dating phase.
    As of now you aren't official with anyone.
    I think you should go on a few dates with your crush and see how that works out.
    If it works out fine, then sadly you have to break the news to this guy at uni.
    It sucks on his part... but you can't control your feelings.
    You don't want to be with him for the sake of being with him, and your mind is thinking about your crush.
    You'd be leading him on in that case, and that is wrong.