Online dating: Do you actively look at other profiles and message people?

Do you prefer to actively look at other peoples' profiles and message them, or do you just wait for other people to message you first and then take your pick from those?

  • I prefer to message first no matter what
  • I prefer to wait to be messaged no matter what
  • I would message first if I had to, but I get so many messages that I don't feel the need to
  • I would prefer to be messaged first, but I don't get enough incoming messages so I have to send messages myself
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So for people who prefer to wait to be messaged first, why?


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  • Voted D, because I'm a dude. Dudes don't tend to get messaged first.

    90% of the time when I was on dating sites, I had to do the messaging.


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  • Have in the past. Didn't vote cuz none fit. I'd say it's around 50/50 incoming/outgoing. A good balance. I don't really have a preference whether I initiate or they do.

  • no to the messaging...

    explains why I stay single?

  • Of course I will message the girl I liked here, but you shuold know I have a girlfriend already and I was dating her on GAG, now I still dating her out of GAG !

    • Oh I was thinking more about specific dating sites like okcupid and stuff hahaha

    • You know the best dating site is meet me, have you heard of it? Before I did have a okcupid account, but not use it anymore, I just find that website don't have many attractive people.

    • Hmm nope I haven't heard of it, I'll check it out. I actually see many attractive people on okc but people on there are too serious, they don't usually seem interested in actually talking to anyone.