I don't like that my girlfriend is friendly with guys that are so flirty with her? Am I just immature or insecure?

My girlfriend who's 16 gets hit on by 26 year old guys and older all the time. It bothers me that she just doesn't turn them away. She'll she awww you're so kind and that's so sweet of you. I know she's not interested in them but it's still it bothers me she's even friendly with them. She thinks it's just a joke so she tells me all about them.

I can't ask her not to do it cause she'll get upset I'm making a decision for her and if I tell her it upsets me she won't get it cause to her it's just a joke and I'll be overreacting.

Maybe I am just being insecure. Being freshly 18 without a car and only a part time job, someone who's 26 who has a full time job, place of their own, car and has a good 6 inches on me is a little threatening. I just don't know what to do.


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  • Probably a little of both? I would call it sensitivity and fear that she isn't really committed to a relationship with you; though... I wouldn't really call you feeling that way bad. It makes sense to me for her to not flirt back with people who engage her when she is with you.


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  • Tell her you feel uncomfortable so she doesn't tell you anymore. Why is she around people that much older than her. Problem with talking to people younger than you is a lot of what you say sounds like flirting when it's just kind of laughing at their stupidity and trying to boost their confidence because it's fragile at that age.

    • She's around people that are much older because she's a performer, it goes with it.

      "If I was with you right now my eyes would never leave you." "That was sweet, but not nearly as sweet as you 😊" *insert him winking at her*

      Sorry that just seems like flirting to me.

      But unfortunately just having her not tell me won't make me feel better cause then I won't know if it's happening or not.

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    • Unfortunately that would be about the 6th time I've said that, all about different things, but nonetheless the 6th time. The 5th time led to us going through an ugly breakup before getting back together 3 weeks later. So I'm nervous.

    • You need to leave her then. It's not worth it and that a fucked up situation

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