Anyone else think he's lying?

I met this guy on tinder, we were from from the same place and had known we each other from around. So I was really happy we matched. Anyway after a couple of weeks we've been getting alone great. This week we were supposed to go away for the night. But he told me he had to work and he was going away with friends the weekend. I said it was ok not to worry about it.

i just had this feeling something wasn't right, so I checked the tinder and I had noticed he had unmatched me on tinder. At this time he should be working away in the other part of the country. So I got my friend to check hers and see could she see him. And guess who pops up and is still at home by the looks of it.

So I text him saying what I had saw and it was nice meeting him. He came back with some story that it's strange that he deleted his tinder and doesn't know why it's showing up at home.

I started thinking king maybe I overreacted but I've deleted my tinder before the profile just disappears. What do you think?

  • He is lying
  • Could be a fault on the website
  • Other
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And the profile is still there like I'm looking at it right now.


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  • I honestly have no idea how Tinder works, maybe it really is a glitch. But you say that you two had plans and he ditched you for work and friends? That's a first sign that he is not interested. Second sign is that he unmatched you. Like, why? I wouldn't be bothered with this guy anymore. He made you feel like something is not right, so that means that something is not right. It's your gut feeling, listen to it. You don't need a proof for a gut feeling. Even if you are "wrong" and are overthinking things, he still made you overthinking it and that's not good. A guy who likes you would never make you insecure. Never.


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  • That's kind of weird. Worth an upfront conversation with him about it.

  • He is definitely telling a big fat lie.

  • If you guys aren't together i don't think you should say that to him. He probably has lost interest in you. Its tinder after all, you can't really expect much from people there.

  • He's just not that into you but he's afraid to be upfront with it. There are more fish in the sea...

    • I asked him that and said its no problem if he's not interested. But he still came back with some crappy story saying why would he be wasting all this time if he wasn't interested.

    • Because he probably feels like crap because that's a crappy thing to do. The story was just to make himself feel better by making you more at ease.

    • I hope he does 👌🏻 I already said goodbye in the text I sent and haven't replied to the other he just sent. I just wanted to ask just Incase I was being overly paranoid.