What should I say? I give points. Thanks?

What should I say? I give points. Thanks!?
So I've been talking to this guy for a little while and he hits me with this...(he's the white convo box)
I really was starting to like him. He didn't reply to my last two messages and its been hours since. I want him to know I'm still interested... I don't want to totally give up but I don't want to be like, don't talk to her... so what should I do or say? Thanks!!

He says I can't make any promises Ya know
I said what do you mean
He said I'm talking to a girl back home. We are just friends but it seems like she's interested in me.
I said I guess see how it plays out with her you obviously like her a lot. Ill be okay. Ill find the right person. I don't really like to get inbetween things especially now that I know there's another girl. I don't wanna get hurt. If it's meant to be, it'll happen.
He said, yeah but she's a friend like you. So I don't know
What's going to happen.
I said oh well poor joey.. two girls don't know what to do haha.
I mean appreciate you telling me but you wouldn't warn me if you didn't have your hopes Set on her UK..


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  • I'd not get my hopes up cuz the more you expect, the harder it will be if it doesn't happen. That doesn't mean lose all hope though. I'd give him some space but don't totally drop him. He will decide what he wants to do whether you pressure him or not, whether you worry or not. Tell him how you feel, be honest and step back a little let him decide. It sucks when this happens and I know nothing will help you feel better about it right now but it happens to us all, it's unavoidable unless you just don't date. Keep in mind, whether you feel miserable or you just decide to not let it get to you (as much as possible), it's not going to change the outcome for better or worse. On the other end of this, no matter how it goes, you'll be ok and you'll be glad whatever did happen, happened that way. If you end up with him, you'll 've glad. If you two don't end up together, you'll find another guy and be happy it went the way it did. So, either way, you'll be ok and happy. Hope this helps even if it's just a little.

  • this is kinda confusing to read, its like it chops off somewhere and starts over there then chops off again and I can't reconnect it.

    well if you like him, and he's in this love triangle, where he has the option to choose, honestly, just let him be to decide. you already did good in my opinion by saying good luck hope everything works out, so just leave it at that, see what he does. this is the more modest route and it can be very appealing.

    • Sorry is it hard to read... I can try and fix it. Starts top left to right then bottom left to right..

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    • like anyone on here knows anyone, it's just their opinion. go with the flow and see what is yet to transpire.

    • knows anything*

  • He's obviously keeping his options open. One sign of honesty doesn't complete the full circle of trust in a relationship. Who knows, he could be having the same exact conversation with the other girl? And if he's gotta question who he wants to pursue, you don't want to end up less or on part with someone else. After all, no one wants to be in a relationship where they don't know for certain if they're the priority or the back up.

  • I would make my intentions crystal clear and ask for his. Then depending on the outcome have trust in others until there is a reason not to or express how the conversations or the content makes you feel and what would make you feel more at ease. Make sure that if you do find a special connection that you don't project an insecurity that might push you to question his intentions with the other woman... ;-)

    • What should I do now..

    • call him, text or drop in... maybe bring a pizza and wine... bring a sign of your adoration... if you don't get some heat then it's time to let it go...

  • if you dont want to be like "don talk to her" then leave it to him, that he either choose you or the other girl.

  • Lol he's Anne franking you OP

  • You sent 2 messages. Let him reply, if he doesn't reply then he likely cares about the other girl.


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