Does it make sense if you continue dating in this case?

Would you stay in a relationship if the other person isn't ready to get married sometime in the future and you want too?

I am in my early thirties- my biological clock is ticking, and I'd like to have a kid. I am financially fine, but the guy am dating stil has a lot to work on, and this is why he is not ready for marriage.
He is younger than me.

Does make sense if we continue dating or not? We really like each other and have great times together.


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  • No I would personally leave
    There are guys who are ready to settle down and have kids out there

  • Depends how bad you want a kid and the marriage life. Honestly if it was me and we were at different places in our life then I'd have to break up with him.

    • I don't want to regret that I didn't have a kid later in my life. But am not that eager to get married- to say the truth because I don't want to lose my independence!

    • Well then you have a choice to make them.

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