What do you look for in a girl you consider relationship material?

Can you tell straight away when meeting a girl if she's relationship material?
Is it her personality which is the most important determiner for wanting to commit?
Is confidence really important?
Would you have to find her incredibly beautiful or would some sort of physical attraction do?
I know everyone will be different but just curious :)


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  • Easiest way just answer each question you asked
    (1) No the feeling probably grows as you connect with her. When you first meet her if you feel attraction and the attraction/connection grows, you probably analyse if there is a chance for a relationships
    (2) Normally something standout attracts you first her looks, something she did like maybe displayed a talent but once you are over that her personality becomes a growing factor and for me the predominant factor in deciding whether I want a relationship with her.
    (3) It differs from guy to guy - I find it very attractive but it has to be true confidence not cocky false confidence
    (4) Again each guy is different but looks are sometimes the thing that gets you noticed but it is not the only thing. If you laugh a lot with your friends and a guy is around, he might think "She seems really nice".


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  • It depends on the dude. Not every guy searches for the same thing. Most of them want someone attractive and submissive.


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  • 1 no
    2 that her morals and her attitude towards her future
    3 somewhat a lot of people my age have no idea what they will be doing in 10 years
    4 yes she has to be my type of woman.
    5 she has to not be to broken by her past. Often women want the men to fix them. I'm looking for a woman who is working on herself already without my help.

  • I know one thing I've noticed I don't like and that's a bratty chick. I can't stand that. Not for me. Some guys like it. I don't.

    I'd prefer her be hot, but I don't know I might would be alright with just pretty.

    Confidence? Nah not really. It doesn't matter.

    Personality/vibe is most important yeah.

  • 1. I can't tell right away, it takes some time, like a few weeks to a few months depending on how much we talk.
    2. Her personality is the most important for wanting to commit yes. There has to be a serious connection, we have to understand each other very well and enjoy each others' company for extended amounts of time.
    3. Confidence isn't super important to me, but it matters a little. Saying self deprecating things all the time or being super clingy are turn offs.
    4. She doesn't have to be "incredibly" beautiful but I would have to find her moderately attractive. The difference (for me) between good friends and a romantic interest is the physical attraction part.

    • Also, for (1) -- I can tell the physical attraction part right away, but not the personality part. Although I generally can say either "maybe" or "nope, never" right away.

  • Beautiful, smart, doesn't post trashy pictures of herself online, doesn't sleep around, shy at first, kind, and fun.

  • looks, feminine, respect for elders and parents, belivevs in God, mother worthy and educated...

    just those girls that are kind, smiles a lot and can joke and be sarcastic.

    happy confident girl who has good charcter. all comes from character whic are good habits whether physical or mental

  • LOYALTY period

  • Gotta be loyal.
    Gotta understand me.
    Gotta be mother material.

  • In order of your four questions.
    It helps, but depends on the guy.
    Yes, you have to have a certain level of confidence and not seem like a total pushover.
    Some sort of physical attraction will do.

  • It takes a little time, often, to tell if a girl is relationship material.

    1. Sweet
    2. Attractive enough to take home
    3. Not the sort of girl who would be a bitch and ghost you
    4. Loyal
    5. Wasn't a slut

  • Not flirt with ever mothfuck they see, and be a half decent human being with morals, boom!!

  • wife material
    respect for elders
    a bit common sense, knowledge
    looks, fitness, colour and confidence has nothing to with it. but they are just like adding ketchup on a hot dog.

  • Chemistry. U should b gasping for air in her presence Your heart should race and when u go to bed u should think about her all the time

  • I look for assertiveness and confidence and a bunch of things that are probably considered typically masculine traits, but I don't care. I want someone who'll partially somewhat fill the stereotypical masculine role in the relationship.

    1. Probably not.
    2. Mostly.
    3. Mostly.
    4. As long as there's physical attraction, it's fine.


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